Every NBA fan has probably heard it by now. Dennis Schroder turned down an $84 million offer from the Los Angeles Lakers back in March in anticipation of a bigger pay day. The narrative for the entire offseason has been how he’s not going to be able to approach that figure given how poorly he played during LA’s brief playoff run.

After watching nearly every other marquee point guard find a home in free agency, Dennis Schroder finally landed a free agent deal – and it’s even worse than you’d imagined. Schroder signed with the Boston Celtics for a paltry $5.9 million contract. He announced the signing on Instagram.

Nearly every NBA news outlet spouted reports about Dennis Schroder’s failed free agency gambit. Talking heads laid into his decision, with even respected NBA veterans painting him as a greedy figure that’s getting what he deserves. But has the media narrative on him skewed his value to a way too extreme level?

Dennis Schroder is not a $5.9 million player. He’s a career 14.3 points per game scorer on a solid 44% shooting clip from the field as a point guard. He’s averaged nearly five assists per game and has started nearly half of his over 500 career games. Schroder can admirably fill in as a starter or be an absolutely dynamic scorer off the bench, finishing second for the Sixth Man of the Year award just two seasons ago.