Dennis Schroder is yet to find a team to sign with during this offseason. Schroder had a difficult season with the Los Angeles Lakers last year. The Lakers traded for Schroder at the beginning of last season, sending Danny Green and their draft pick to OKC. Schroder had a solid season with OKC, where he was a solid contender for NBA Sixth Man Of The Year. 

But he wasn't able to replicate that same form with the Lakers, especially when he was given a starting role. Schroder performed poorly throughout the season and was a huge disappointment as the Lakers' third option during the postseason. 

Despite his shaky start, the Lakers were optimistic he would turn things around. The Lakers even offered Schroder a 4-year $84 million contract extension. But Schroder rejected the offer, thinking that he would capitalize on his good form and leverage a bigger contract, near $100 million, during free agency. 

That good form never came, and neither has a bigger contract for Schroder, let alone any contract. His rejecting the contract has led to people questioning what allowed him to think he would get more than what the Lakers offered.