In the midst of all of the excitement surrounding Joakim Noah’s historic triple-double performance in Thursday night’s 93-82 Bulls home win over Philadelphia, the elbow that fellow All-Star Luol Deng took to the face from Sixers center Spencer Hawes in the final minute of the contest almost slipped under the radar. Deng crumpled to the ground after taking the hit, stayed on the floor during a stoppage of play and immediately retreated to the locker room. Thankfully, it wasn’t a serious injury—his bottom teeth were loosened and knocked out of position by the blow—and with the Bulls having an off day Friday, he can get treatment for it. “Jo had so many blocks, so I needed a block, too,” quipped Deng, who was in a good mood afterwards. “I went to get a block and I got elbowed.” “I’ve got a really bad headache—no concussion—I’ll probably be in more pain in the morning,” continued the All-Star, who wears a mouthguard, but only for his top row of teeth. “I’m glad the teeth are still in there.” Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau added: “He just took a shot. I think he’ll be all right. It was a bang-bang play. We’ll see.”