For those wondering, the Bulls lost the night after their 35-point collapse to the Kings in December 2009 and then won eight of their next 11 games. Of course, that Vinny Del Negro-led team featured Derrick Rose. The Bulls' superstar isn't walking through the locker room door any time soon. Neither are Omer Asik, Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer, C.J. Watson, John Lucas III or Brian Scalabrine for that matter. As the Bulls attempt to rebound from blowing a 27-point lead against the Bucks, Luol Deng passionately reminded all of that following Tuesday's practice. One day after logging an astounding 47 minutes, 18 seconds, Deng, the longest-tenured Bull, showed leadership of a different kind by defending the beleaguered bench. "I don't know if you guys expected exactly the same bench," Deng said. "That Bench Mob was great. We won a lot of games because of them. But they're gone. Some of them are struggling with their teams. Some are doing well. This is a new team. Not every team is going to be about a Bench Mob. I've been here nine years and every year has a different story. "It's not fair to the guys that are here, the new guys, to be compared to the guys from the last two years. They're still getting used to it. Even the Bench Mob, the first year we had them, it took awhile to get going. When we got going, it clicked. "The year after that, last year, what helped us a lot was we had a lot of guys returning so we knew how we play and how to play with each other. We're still learning how to play with each other."