Matt den Dekker’s willingness to crash into walls and dive head first has resulted in some highlight-reel catches. Yesterday, it helped result in a broken right wrist. The center fielder got turned around trying to catch up to an Austin Jackson fly ball that got caught in the wind and landed awkwardly after leaping in a failed attempt to haul it in. “We don’t know how serious it is,” general manager Sandy Alderson said after den Dekker was forced to leave the Mets’ 9-4 loss to the Tigers at Tradition Field. “It’s serious enough, but we won’t know any details about the exact condition or recovery time until the doctors take a look up in New York.” After those tests are done, the doctors will decide if surgery is required. Despite the injury, Terry Collins doesn’t want den Dekker to change his style. “He’s fearless and that’s what makes him a great center fielder,” the manager said. * Matt Harvey started yesterday’s game by striking out Jackson, Torii Hunter and Miguel Cabrera. An inning later, Harvey’s command deserted him and he ended up walking in a run. “It was one of those outings where everything felt really good and [I] tried to do too much with it,” said Harvey, who gave up four runs in five innings with five strikeouts. “The ball felt like it was jumping out of my hand.” John Buck, who caught Harvey for the first time, let Harvey figure out how to fix himself.