The energy at NRG Stadium for coach DeMeco Ryans' introductory press conference felt different Thursday.

Former players, current players and Houston Texans fans were buzzing.

Pictures of Ryans were plastered all over as two cheerleaders waited in front of the auditorium at the stadium waving their pom-poms as attendees walked through the doors into an electric room.

Bringing home the former All-Pro linebacker to be the franchise's sixth coach had fused the past and present, as both generations united to give Ryans a standing ovation as he walked in.

Hall of Fame finalist Andre Johnson and former All-Pro linebacker Brian Cushing highlighted the past. Current players such as cornerback Derek Stingley Jr., right tackle Tytus Howard, right guard Kenyon Green and a few others represented the future.

Ryans' press conference had a home-run feel, as general manager Nick Caserio and CEO Chairman Cal McNair introduced their new coach Thursday, and when Ryans sat center stage, he made it clear he was "fired up."

But now that the Ryans' hire has crossed home plate, it's time to attack the offseason.

"We have a lot of work in front of us," Caserio said. "But if we get the right people with the right process in place, then build it day-by-day, okay, week-by-week, month-by-month, that's how you build sustainable success."

The cupboard isn't completely bare for Ryans and Caserio as they attempt to right the ship for an organization that has won 11 total games in the past three seasons.