The thing is, DeMarre Carroll had a point when the former Raptor put the team he used to play for on blast on his way out the door last summer. He was dead right, actually. The Raptors Way – for all its success – was tough to watch at times. It choked off opportunities for secondary players and was easily stymied in the playoffs. Everyone knew it. Carroll’s controversial exit interview last summer was simply a less-nuanced version of Raptors president Masai Ujiri’s call for a culture reset. That he did it on his way out the door and said it about a team that made him surprisingly rich and never raised an eyebrow (publicly) about knee issues that may have been understated by Carroll during free agency certainly rankled some in the organization. But apart from pointing out that Toronto had a top-five ranked offence playing the old way and that they have spent the regular season to this point figuring out how to play differently on the fly is all the evidence needed that Carroll was right on the money. As DeMar DeRozan said – as only he can – about the Raptors changing along the lines Carroll was advocating now that he’s gone: “You got to go through what you gotta go through to understand what you gotta get better at.” Adding: “I think it was a learning process for us individually and as a whole, as a team and we’re here today.” The results were on display in spurts at least for the Raptors 120-87 blowout win over the visiting Nets, Brooklyn’s first visit to the Air Canada Centre this season.