Disruption. This represents the goal of the Broncos' potentially season-defining move — signing pass rusher DeMarcus Ware to pair with Von Miller. Will it create a seismic shift or just a shake-before-serving shrug? With Ware and Miller, the Broncos want chaos, turning each snap into an unnerving 5 a.m. car alarm for the quarterback. "We went out of our way to get this tandem," coach John Fox said. "We are looking for them to make the quarterback uncomfortable. Time will tell. But they are working very hard to this point, and they're both very, very talented." The script tantalizes fans. Ware and Miller bring remarkable wingspans and unique explosiveness. Ware created intrigue, if not elevated expectations, last week when he identified goals for the duo. "We want to have as many sacks as one team," Ware said. "Me and Von talk all the time about it. He threw a number out there, and I said, 'Why not be the tandem that can say it was the best in the league ever.' That's what you want." NFL history remains within reach. The Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears tied for last with 31 sacks last season. If Ware and Miller register that total, they become the standard in Denver. Miller (18½) and Elvis Dumervil (11) posted a total of 29½ sacks in 2012, the franchise's high-water mark. A slow fax modem broke them apart. The St. Louis Rams' Robert Quinn and Chris Long ranked as the NFL's top tandem last season, totaling 27½ sacks. Without saying it, those are numbers the Broncos' pass rushers are targeting.