DeMarcus Ware is all-in on Dez Bryant being open to taking a pay cut in 2018. Earlier in the offseason, the resident Dallas Cowboys' legend and former linebacker lobbied for Bryant to come off of the stump so aptly labeled "Hell Nah" and consider reducing his pay this coming season after another down year of on-the-field comparison. The team itself has yet to bring up the topic, with even the harshest words from EVP Stephen Jones teetering around everyone's understanding of the discrepancy in Bryant's current pay-versus-performance model while never outright saying how they'd approach the situation this offseason. With a myriad of options at their behest, it's likely something gets worked out which could even include an extension -- an idea I floated in early January -- but if push comes to shove and it is a pay cut the All-Pro is approached with, Ware wants Bryant to leave his emotions at the door and get the deal done with the Cowboys. He's softened his stance from originally proclaiming Bryant to be "gone" if he doesn't accept a pay cut, but he still thinks it needs to happen.