DeMarcus Ware was one of 10 Dallas Cowboys starters to miss a game last season due to injury. The Cowboys rank third over the last two seasons in terms of games missed by starting players. The Cowboys have been searching for ways to reduce that number in 2014. If they need any more outside advice, giving Ware a call might be a good idea. That’s because Ware’s new team, the Denver Broncos, are trying some non traditional ways of getting their team ready for another possible Super Bowl run. Following Denver’s first day of off-season conditioning on Monday, Ware was asked about how the Broncos train. “It’s an unconventional type of way of working out, but it’s the best way to keep guys on the field and keep them flexible, but also being able to maintain a guy through their whole career,” Ware said. “We did sleds, we did leg slides, Keiser machines. You name it, it was in there. Really state-of-the-art.