DeMarcus Cousins explained on Monday what happened in Saturday's ejection from his point of view. He told the reporters at the practice facility that referee Gary Zielinski told him to "go [expletive] ask" another referee why the first technical was called, that Boogie then walked away, and that Zielinski then T'd up Cousins, ejecting him from the game. Cousins claims he said nothing as he walked away. Then there's this curious passage in Jason Jones' piece. Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie told Cousins that the league would not rescind the technical that led to his ejection. "I don't know why because I really don't know what I did, but, hey, it's their decision," Cousins said. Teams protest technical fouls all the time. As Jones notes elsewhere, the league rescinded one of Cousins' technicals last season. It saved him from being suspended for the final game of the year. With five before December hits, it's reasonable to believe Cousins might again face suspension. So for no other reason than preserving his court time, it'd make sense to protest the technical if the Kings believe it was undeserved. But the Kings apparently don't think it was undeserved, and I'm OK with that.