DeMarcus Cousins is notorious for receiving technical fouls. Apparently, however, one referee might’ve been too loose with the call. According to Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated, Cousins said he was slapped with a technical for telling an official, “good job.” “I said, ‘Good job. Good call.’ And I got a tech? I swear to God on my kids. I have yet to have a moment where I just erupt or go off [this season]. I haven’t had one of those, but for some reason I’m still leading the league in techs.” Citing a source, Spears said that the league has rescinded that technical, along with one more. ESPN lists Cousins with eight techs in 2017. Now, we don’t know the entire story, and Cousins has a less-than-stellar history interacting with officials. But if “good job” resulted in a technical, that’s pretty ridiculous.