Badly misunderstood in certain instances having made heinous mistakes in others Delonte West has run the gamut of experiences in his NBA career. He’s 30 now married and a new father and he’s looking to return to the NBA hoping teams can overlook his past troubles and provide him with a sliver of an opportunity. West who last played for the Mavericks said he will accept a nonguaranteed deal just hoping to impress a coach and make a roster. He was waived by Dallas last October after a dispute with coach Rick Carlisle then played briefly in the Development League. West who has had a pair of stints with the Celtics said the time away has been rewarding and therapeutic. “This in a way has been the biggest blessing of my life” he said. “This has given me time to grow. I’m just looking for answers and all of the things I have been searching for as a man not as an athlete to complete me. In that time period I met my wife and have had a beautiful son and it’s like everything is falling in place. “Back in December or January I stopped trying to trust in man and fight these battles by myself. I just handed the keys to the man upstairs and let him drive. It’s been the biggest blessing of my life. I have so much to be grateful for thankful for and I have a lot to play for now.” West said fatherhood has changed him. “I feel completed as a person and as a man and all I need is an opportunity and I don’t think any team is going to regret it” he said. West has sometimes been his biggest enemy. He also has dealt with mental health issues the past few years. Teams love his work ethic and passion but sometimes that passion has caused him to clash with coaches and teammates. During his second stint with the Celtics he was involved in a fight with teammate Von Wafer. In other places West has allowed his emotions to overflow giving NBA executives the perception that he may be mentally unstable. That bothers West. “Of course it’s tough to deal with because it affects your career and it affects your earning power” he said. “I’m not a young man but I still have a lot of basketball left in me at a high level. There’s plenty of time for me to earn that contract and earn the trust of a team that wants to invest in me more than one season. I’m up to that task.” West’s arrest in 2009 on weapons charges in a bizarre episode stained his reputation and he understands that perception may never change.