Dellin Betances would like to see Joe Girardi back for 2018 and beyond. “I don’t know what’s the plan with that, but Joe’s always been good and I’m hoping that everything works out,” Betances said Tuesday as he left Yankee Stadium. Girardi’s four-year, $16 million deal will expire at the end of the month. He exited the Stadium at 1 p.m. Tuesday after spending an hour there. The 53-year-old manager guided the Yankees to within a victory of the World Series, and several young players made huge strides under his watch. It seems like a situation he’d want to stay in, given the potential for sustained success. But there have also been rumblings that he could walk away to spend more time with his family, which Girardi plans to talk to about his future. “I love what I do,” Girardi said during the postseason. “I’ve always said, the first thing that I do is I always talk to my family first. They come first. Because I think when you have a job, your family has to buy in, too. It’s not just what you want out of life. It’s everyone buying in. So I’ll sit down, talk to my wife and kids and see where they’re at and what they’re thinking. And then we’ll see what the Yankees are thinking.