It won’t take long for the NHL’s Department of Player Safety to write the script for Nazem Kadri’s next suspension video, they merely need to change a couple of words from the one they used to announce his three-game ban during last year’s playoffs.

But Kadri won’t get off so lightly this time around.

In fact, he’s not likely to see another shift in this first-round series against the Boston Bruins, nor should he, given his long history of crossing the line with illegal shots to an opponent’s head.

There’s absolutely no evidence Kadri has learned his lesson or felt contrition. Not after forfeiting nearly $400,000 in salary for his previous on-ice transgressions, and putting Toronto in a significant hole last spring for a dirty hit no more than 10 feet from where he violently cross-checked Jake DeBrusk to the side of the head Saturday night.