No other college football coach in the country has overhauled his roster this year like Deion Sanders did in just eight weeks at Colorado.

It’s downright historic. With at least 42 new scholarship players coming in, Sanders has reeled in the biggest class of newcomers in recorded school history. And he might not be done. The transfer portal opens again in May after Sanders already signed or gained commitments from 23 players from other four-year colleges in December and January.

“It already looks like a massive success, and he’s 0-0 as the coach there,” said Adam Gorney, national recruiting director for

Only one other school in the nation is bringing in more new players overall or more transfers from other four-year colleges, according to 247 Sports. That’s Arizona State with 46 newcomers, including 26 transfers.

But Colorado (No. 4) ranks ahead of Arizona State (No. 17) in transfer class rankings for 2023 and is trying to climb from a much deeper hole after getting blown out in nearly every game of a 1-11 season in 2022. On paper, that means the size, quality and change of direction of this makeover puts Colorado in a class by itself as national signing day approaches Wednesday.