Falcons linebacker Deion Jones, a native of New Orleans, felt Saints quarterbacks Drew Brees’ apology for insensitive comments about the nationwide social- and racial-justice protests rang hollow. 

Brees told Yahoo Finance that he would never support NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. Then he back-tracked the next day with an apology. 

“It was shocking, but that was just – how can I say it – just people not knowing,” Jones said Thursday in a virtual conference call with the Atlanta media. “He hasn’t walked in our shoes. But you would think he would have empathy from being in the locker room. But he still leaves and doesn’t have the same problems. It’s just going to start with people’s willingness to listen and learn about our position and (be) willing to change it, taking action.”

Brees comments were stunning given that 81.8% (18 of 22) of the starters in the Saints’ divisional round playoff loss to the Vikings on Jan. 5 were players of color, including a Nigerian-Canadian.