Boston Bruins defenseman Matt Bartkowski was very close to being sent to the Calgary Flames in a package deal for Flames captain Jarome Iginla at the trade deadline but Iginla changed his mind at the last minute vetoing the trade to Boston and choosing to go to Pittsburgh instead. But when given another chance to come to Boston via free agency Iginla did just that on July 5. Now Bartkowski will be teammates with the player he was almost dealt for. "It was really funny because I saw a couple of tweets saying 'Make sure Bartkowski doesn't pack his bags' but yeah I thought it was pretty funny [Iginla] ended up signing here" Bartkowski said with a laugh Wednesday. "It's a good thing though. He's a great player so that will be pretty cool." Bartkowski reiterated that he holds no hard feelings and that the failed trade didn't affect his mindset as an up-and-coming defenseman. "I'm old enough and mature enough now to understand that's part of the business" the 25-year-old rearguard said. "And to be able to be considered in a trade for a first-ballot Hall of Famer is pretty cool. That's a big honor to potentially be part of such a deal. But I was really happy once it all blew over because I really wanted to stay in Boston and love it there. "[The Bruins] have a winning pedigree. It's a great city to play in and I'm glad it worked out the way it did." Bartkowski seemed to turn the potentially awkward moment of the failed trade into a motivating force. His confidence wasn't diminished and he played better and received more ice time down the stretch run of the season and into the playoffs.