Let me begin by saying that we do not necessarily know what the Seattle Seahawks biggest needs are in order to be successful in 2013. We can use our better judgment based on educated guesses of where they struggled in 2012 and what players are either on their way out or a year older, but we are often surprised by future results anyway. Case in point is that "one of the Seahawks biggest needs is a receiver" and "they won't be able to move the ball if they don't add a receiver." These aren't just statements people are making today, these are the statements that we emphasized a year ago. It's something that I myself emphasized a year ago, and I would have gathered that a receiver was perhaps the biggest need for Seattle. Except that they didn't draft a single one. They brought in players like Phil Bates and Jermaine Kearse from the UDFA pool, but neither was going to be the next Doug Baldwin. They brought in free agents like Terrell Owens, Antonio Bryant, and Braylon Edwards. None of the moves at that position were inspiring in the slightest, and indeed, none of them really paid off in the way that we would have expected it needed to pay off. As usual, John Schneider didn't force an issue like "need" just because there was pressure to get better immediately. And as usual, he smart and me dumb. Schneider and Pete Carroll have never been ones to place need over talent and they will spend money and high draft picks only on the players that they feel are the best for this team. I was personally a fan of Mohamed Sanu out of Rutgers, and I still am, but do you know what he would have cost? Do you know where he would have had to be drafted? The third round. Do you know what we got in the third round instead?