The young ballplayer who was always in motion is in an unfamiliar position this spring. Dee Gordon is stuck. With the Dodgers committed to Hanley Ramirez as their starting shortstop and unable to secure a satisfactory exchange for Gordon on the trade market, the 24-year-old speedster appears almost certain to start the season in triple-A Albuquerque. But if Gordon is frustrated by his predicament, he isn't showing it. And if he wants to play somewhere else, he isn't saying it. "I like it like this," he said. "I like working for things. I was always taught that if you want something bad enough, you have to work for it." However long the odds, Gordon said his goal is to be the Dodgers' starting shortstop. "I'd be home if I didn't want to be in the lineup," he said. Gordon said he prefers this situation to what he experienced last year, when he was essentially made the starting shortstop by default because the Dodgers had no viable other option. As one of the fastest players in baseball, he was considered the best prospect in the Dodgers' farm system at the time. Based on his stealing 24 bases in 56 games in 2011, there was talk in spring training about how he might challenge Maury Wills' franchise single-season stolen base record.