For pass-rushing defensive ends who have thrived in a 4-3 system, graduation to the NFL could take out of play teams that run a 3-4 front. Auburn defensive end Dee Ford insists that shouldn’t happen for him. And he has reached the point where he’s not thrilled to talk about it. Asked to identify the question he’s sick of being asked during a Friday visit to Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, Ford didn’t hesitate. “The question that I am being sick of asked,” Ford said. “Can I fit in a 3-4 defense? Yes, I could fit in a 3-4 defense. I am an athlete that has played defensive end my entire life, that’s just the way it is.” Last month, Ford was happy to talk about his belief that he’s a better player than a certain 4-3 defensive end from South Carolina who could be the first overall pick in the draft. Does Ford regret what he said about Jadeveon Clowney? “No I don’t,” Ford said. “You know, that’s just how we speak as athletes. We as competitors, and that was nothing personal that I said. And I stand by what I said.”