The Seahawks’ secondary is often noted for the way it gets physical with opposing receivers, and it’s often said that the Seahawks get away with too much illegal contact, defensive holding and pass interference. Broncos receiver Eric Decker, however, does not see it that way. Decker said he thinks every team in the league is physical, and he doesn’t see a big difference between the Seahawks and anyone else. “In this league it’s a very physical game,” Decker said. “You see a lot of defenses, especially with the passing game becoming more prevalent, cornerbacks getting to the receiver at the line of scrimmage and at the top of routes. I think they do it well. They challenge teams and are the best at it in the NFL. As far as pushing the envelope, I wouldn’t say so much. I’d say they do as much as other teams do, even ourselves.” What Decker says the Seahawks do well is what defensive backs are supposed to do.