Team owner – Robert Sarver.

General manager – James Jones.

Head coach – Monty Williams

All three have talked to Deandre Ayton about what they expect from and out of him.

“Monty does a good job of putting up my goals and what I should work on to become a leader,” Ayton said. “Him, Sarver and James, those guys have been with me, guiding me in the right places to really see how it is to be part of a franchise and try to lead it.”

Expectations will always high for the 21-year-old from the Bahamas.

Talent, skill, athleticism and being the top pick in the 2018 draft raise them.

Youth, inexperience, inconsistency and for Ayton, missing 25 game due to suspension, modify them.

“Some of it is justified because of the talent, but a lot of it is unfair because they can’t control the expectations,” Williams said. “Some of it is internal. Some of it external.”

Ayton could be the next great big man, a could’ve, would’ve, should’ve or somewhere in the middle.

Right now, he’s once again a reserve for the Phoenix Suns.