In a point guard heavy NBA draft, De'Aaron Fox has a message for any team—and amateur prognosticator out there—sleeping on his abilities. "I feel like I’m the best player in this draft no matter what," says Fox. Yes, better than Markelle Fultz, the player widely believed to be going first to the Celtics. And for sure better than Lonzo Ball, the player Fox out-classed in two matchups between UCLA and Kentucky last season, including one high-profile torching in the NCAA Tournament. So when the 19-year-old is boasting about his abilities it isn't just the confidence of youth—Fox has the stats and the scouting reports to back it up. "In college, I got to the basket whenever I wanted. I felt like I created better. Defensively, I feel like that really separated me," says Fox. We caught up with the 6'3" playmaker the day after the NBA Draft Lottery to talk about the draft process, the crazy questions he received at the combine, the influence of Coach John Calipari, where he'd like to go in the draft, and how his "guy," and infamous Kentucky fanatic, Drake, did not put out his favorite album of 2017. (This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.) Most recently, we saw you at the NBA Draft Lottery. What was that night like being in a room with all those NBA executives and your fellow draft prospects? It was a cool night. Seeing everybody that you’ve never met before, meeting Adam Silver, it was all so surreal just knowing that at this point I’m about to be in the NBA. You previously attended the NBA Combine. Are you starting to get a lot of those “I’ve arrived” moments? It was more so here than at the combine just because we can kind of predict where I might land, see the teams that I’m going to work out for, so this was a big step for my career.