Since California adopted what has been dubbed a "Fair Pay to Play Act," which allows NCAA student-athletes the potential to earn money on their name, image or likeness outside of their school beginning in 2023, many have weighed in on the controversial law.

The NCAA plans to fight back against the law in court, while some supporters of the new legislation have argued that it may influence players to stay in school longer since they could make extra money. For former Kentucky Wildcats point guard De'Aaron Fox, though, the potential endorsement money would not have kept him in college basketball for a second season.

"F——k no," Fox said when asked if he thought one-and-done talents might consider spending an additional season in college if they could be compensated. "What? (Laughs), man I'll tell you this: If I was at Kentucky and we were able to get paid, I still would have left after a year. But like I said before, I think it's a great step forward for sure."