Although the Boston Red Sox have been seen as the main competitor to the Arizona Diamondbacks in the J.D. Martinez derby, for now the bigger threat could be a holdout (or at least a decision by Martinez to remain unsigned). With two teams believed to be at very similar levels – word is, both have signaled a willingness to go to five years at more than $100 million (how much more isn’t known), and agent Scott Boras says an earlier report of Arizona only offering a one-year deal is “not accurate” – and a belief and resolve in his position, Martinez has told people close to him that he intends to remain unsigned unless something changes. Martinez’s resolve was first mentioned here, and word is, that hasn’t changed. The Red Sox have been viewed as the understandable favorite, and they should be able to outbid Arizona, but the Diamondbacks have a few things going for the, including: Martinez has a stated preference to play the outfield rather than DH. He enjoyed his half-year stay in Arizona, where he played the best baseball of his career (he posted a ridiculous .741 slugging percentage).