It is the pickup sitting in the Arizona Diamondbacks player parking lot, surrounded by a Ferrari Italia, Mercedes-Benz sedans, Range Rovers and BMWs. Paul Goldschmidt gets out of the Ford F-150, wearing a T-shirt and jeans, proud he can finally afford to buy a new car, getting rid of his in-laws' hand-me-down SUV with more than 200,000 miles on it and no longer needing to fit his 6-3, 235-pound frame into his old Hyundai. Oh, sure, he still prefers to carpool and would rather cook a few burgers in the backyard than dine at a five-star restaurant. So imagine the look of horror on Goldschmidt's face when he finds out the Diamondbacks have a surprise awaiting him in two weeks. They have arranged a private plane to take him and his wife, Amy, for the trip of a lifetime to New York City, and he might even have a couple teammates tag along. Yes, it's called the All-Star Game, and not only is Goldschmidt a lock to receive an invitation, it's also possible he might be returning to New York during the winter to pick up the National League MVP Award. Just don't tell Goldschmidt, 25, who blushed at the sight of his teammates' recent gesture of printing T-shirts that featured a picture of him with the words, "America's First Baseman." Goldschmidt quickly put the T-shirt in his locker and begged his teammates to promise they'd never wear them in public. "I'm not going to get mad at guys having fun," Goldschmidt says, "but I'm sure not going to wear it."