The process that began with intense courting of David Wright in September culminated Wednesday with a winter meetings news conference, and pre-holiday cheer for the Mets: The third baseman would officially remain the face of the franchise until 2020. Wright agreed last Friday to an eight-year, $138 million contract, and underwent a physical examination on Monday, concluding a negotiation that began during that final week of the regular season. With the Mets in Miami, chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon took Wright to lunch, and invited the 29-year-old to voice all concerns about the franchise, and ask all questions. Soon after the season, when general manager Sandy Alderson visited Wright at his home in Virginia, those frank conversations continued. Will the Wilpons continue to own the team ("We're not going anywhere," Jeff Wilpon told him)? Would the payroll expand (a little bit this year, significantly in future seasons, Alderson said)? What kind of shape was the farm system in (improving, lots of pitching, Wright was told)? "It was not only going through some of our prospects and some of our minor leaguers player by player, but also what our needs are — what he plans on giving to get these needs," Wright said. "Obviously without going into too much detail, it was an important conversation." Read more: