David Wright has always been as guarded as Derek Jeter, the man to whom he has often been compared, most recently when owner Fred Wilpon last week called him “our Jeter.’’ But Wright is 30 now, engaged, in possession of what amounts to a Met-for-life contract, and suddenly he is sounding like a man who is becoming more assertive with age, willing to speak his mind for the good of baseball as well as his ballclub. In the last few days, speaking to the Daily News’ Andy Martino, he has said flatly that he wants Terry Collins to get a contract extension and, more unexpectedly, expressed zero tolerance for players who continue to try to beat the system by using performance-enhancing drugs. “If you’re a cheater, I hope you get caught and I hope you get punished,’’ he said, speaking generally after Mets minor leaguer Cesar Puello’s name allegedly surfaced in the ongoing Biogenesis Clinic investigation. As logical as that sounds, it’s rare that any player in baseball speaks out against PED users. Wright, however, doesn’t think he said anything controversial. When I asked him if he is becoming more outspoken in his old age, he laughed and offered his thoughts on several subjects, including his do-it-in-private style of leadership that he says includes a quiet confrontation with Chase Utley over that infamous slide into Ruben Tejada back in 2010. He started, however, by talking about his strong feelings about PEDs. Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/mets/harper-older-wiser-met-life-wright-article-1.1270603#ixzz2LdNXEMGU