While hammering out his new contract, David Wright spent a lot of time with Mets bigwigs, poring over the club's farm system and philosophies. But even Wright doesn't know what's going to happen with R.A. Dickey. He is sure, however, that Dickey "has a number of years left" and that the Mets would have a gaping hole in the rotation without the knuckleballer. "It's a very, I guess, odd situation," Wright said Thursday. "Obviously, you have a guy who just won the Cy Young Award, so you'd like him back. But you understand both sides of it, and I think R.A. understands both sides of it. I talked to him and he understands where we're at and it's a compliment to him what we could bring back in a trade. "You want some way for both sides to come out of it feeling good, and I'd be lying if I said you could just plug in somebody else and replace R.A. That's obviously not the case, so now it's just a matter of trying to weigh the odds." Deciding whether to sign Dickey to an extension, trade him or let him pitch out his one-year, $5 million contract is "a tough decision," Wright said. "That's why Sandy (Alderson) gets paid the big bucks, I guess. I wouldn't want to make that decision." Wright made a goodwill appearance at P.S. 38 in Staten Island, schmoozing with students, signing autographs and encouraging them to help rebuild their community after it was hard hit by Hurricane Sandy. More than 80% of the students at the school were affected by the superstorm. Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/mets/david-sees-future-wright-article-1.1215227#ixzz2EMzUUaAU