On most Sundays, my family has pizza for dinner, as there is a very good Italian restaurant about 10 minutes from our house that sells 1/2 price pizzas. So, on my way to pick up my < $6 pizza, I was listening to the replay of the Front Office show on the MLB Channel on Sirius-XM hosted by former GMs Jim Bowden and Dan Duquette. When I turned on the radio, they were discussing whether Rays ace David Price will be traded or not. Duquette said it is possible that the Rays just hold onto him this offseason. Bowden chimed in saying that the Rays will trade him by the end of the year, as Price is due a $4 million deferred payment from the Rays effective January 1st. He went on to say that the Mariners won't deal six years of Taijuan Walker for two years of Price, and the Diamondbacks won't deal six years of Archie Bradley for Price. Bowden feels that the Dodgers might have the best deal on the table right now, saying that a package of Zach Lee and Joc Pederson might get it done. I assume the Dodgers would have to throw in another lower rated prospect to land Price, but it was surprising to hear Bowden opine that the Rays may have to settle for a package of Lee and Pederson for Price. Earlier in the week we heard a rumor from Terry Pluto from the Cleveland Plains Dealer, that the Rays were asking the Indians for a package of Carlos Santana, Danny Salazar and possibly top prospect Francisco Lindor in return for Price. Rays beat writer, Marc Topkin, from the Tampa Bay Times, later tweeted that the story was "completely off-base" and nothing came of that rumor.