He is a walking, talking, smiling reminder of The Good Times. He is the man with the six seasons with 100 or more runs batted in, a single-season franchise-record 54 home runs and, most importantly, the two World Series rings. He is David Ortiz, life of the Red Sox party. It was a chipper and chatty Big Papi who arrived at the media rock pile yesterday at JetBlue Park, but while he spoke in upbeat terms of the Achilles injury that ruined his once-promising 2012 season — “I’m not worried about my Achilles any more, to be honest with you,” he said — Ortiz wanted to take care of some old business. And the old business is former manager Bobby Valentine, who in an interview with Bob Costas a few months back suggested that Ortiz quit on the 2012 Red Sox. So Ortiz got his payback yesterday, and then made some curious comments about baseball’s latest dalliance with performance-enhancing drugs, which we’ll get to in a moment. First up, Bobby V. When asked if he believes Red Sox fans will be patient with this 2013 team and what their expectations should be for the coming season, Ortiz responded with a nostalgic trip to last year’s spring training atmosphere. “To be honest with you,” he said, “I ran out of patience last year, and I’m a player. So I can imagine the fans, where they’re at. A lot of players had a lot of issues with our manager last year. An organization is like the human body. If the head is right, the body is going to function right. But if the head is messed up, then the body is going to be all over the place. And that was part of our situation last year.