The Red Sox and David Ortiz really have no idea if Ortiz is going to be slapped with a suspension for his out-of-control dugout tirade Saturday night that culminated with the death of a telephone. So in classic 2013 Red Sox fashion the team and Ortiz are using the episode as a team-building chemistry-fueling comedic opportunity. For their sake here’s a wish that they get the last laugh for an episode that wasn’t funny at all. Jonny Gomes and Ryan Dempster performed the ol’ tin-can routine in the visitors dugout before yesterday’s game against the Baltimore Orioles Dustin Pedroia got Ortiz going with a pregame rant about strike zones and telephones and then Ortiz gave the boo-birds in the crowd a shushed-finger salute as he walked back to the dugout after his home run on a big 4-for-4 day in a 5-0 victory at Camden Yards. Ortiz even pretended to take a whack at the newly installed phone but he held his fire. If he is tagged with only a fine then all of yesterday’s fun and hilarity will be worth it: Ortiz’ offense will take off and he will get an endorsement deal with Verizon. If he does have to miss time though all the gags are going to fall awfully flat because Ortiz had no business losing control like he did. He did not display regret for his actions yesterday but he acknowledged that he could have handled things better. “Look I’m not like the fan favorite to be doing stuff like that it’s not my style I try not to get to that point” said Ortiz. “There’s things that you can’t control and things happen. I know that the fans who know me for being a humble person who tries to do everything right but I ain’t perfect. The situation happened that I didn’t start up. Things got out of control for a minute but like I say it’s over.” Is it though?