We’ll get to our opinion on David Ortiz in a minute, but first, the facts: • Ortiz injured his Achilles on July 16 while rounding the bases on an Adrian Gonzalez home run. • He played once thereafter, but reinjured the same foot while going 2-for-4 on Aug. 24. • Until last week, he hadn’t been able to sprint for six months. • He tried to run the bases yesterday, but decided against it because of soreness. He’ll try again this morning. • Opening Day is four weeks from today. Given all of the above, not only are we justified in questioning Ortiz’ availability for the opener, we should expand our level of concern considerably. What exactly can we expect out of David Ortiz this season? Because if six months of rest didn’t heal his heel, how will it respond to the daily pounding of a 162-game season? Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. In a camp otherwise marked by sunshine and rainbows and ponies, Ortiz’s uncertain status is casting a pall over a club without a huge margin for error. Call him “only a DH” if you like, but Ortiz’ value to the Red Sox transcends the considerable damage he inflicts with a bat. He is a leader in every sense of the word, as anyone who watched him take batting practice with promising youngster Jackie Bradley Jr. this weekend can attest. Ortiz is a commanding presence and the tenor of BP changed the moment he approached the cage. “Get on base, baby,” Ortiz said. “I’ll drive you in.”