David Ortiz and the Red Sox are talking contract, and both sides would like to reach a resolution before the season begins. A source confirmed a WEEI.com report that the sides have opened discussions. Ortiz and his agent, Fernando Cuza, met with members of ownership as well as the front office. The designated hitter and franchise icon is on the record that he’s seeking a one-year, $15 million extension for the 2015 season. Given those reasonable parameters, as well as the willingness of both sides to negotiate, it won’t be a surprise if a deal is struck here. The Red Sox have a couple of ways to decrease the possibility that Ortiz’ contractual status reclaims the news cycle at this time next year. They could construct a perpetual mutual option like the one that knuckleballer Tim Wakefield played under in 2008 and 2009. However, the yearly uncertainty of that scenario makes a player of Ortiz’ production unlikely to accept it. A more likely possibility would be a one-year extension with a vesting option for 2016 based on playing time and health. And if the Red Sox really want to nip this in the bud, they could give him a straight two-year extension that would take him to age 40. General manager Ben Cherington wouldn’t discuss or acknowledge negotiations with Ortiz but spoke in general terms of his importance to the franchise. “As you guys know, we prefer not to talk about these things or to get into details of those talks publicly,” Cherington said. “David’s a very important guy. We all know that. Certain guys earn the right to have a hearing and the conversation. He’s certainly one of them.”