It was a victory lap four years in the making. David Ortiz has 11 career walkoff home runs, more than any active player. All but one have come as a member of the Red Sox, giving him the club record. But he hadn’t ended a game with a homer since Aug. 26, 2009 — a span of 455 games in a career that just keeps on getting better. So, after Rangers manager Ron Washington decided to intentionally walk dangerous Dustin Pedroia and pitch to Ortiz with no outs and the winning run on second base in the ninth inning last night, Big Papi never flinched. He didn’t waste time either, lining the first pitch from reliever Michael Kirkman into the Texas bullpen. And then, he stood at home plate and admired his work. “You don’t have to haul (expletive). Just jump around and pimp it out,” Ortiz said after giving the Red Sox a 6-3 victory and a series win against the tough Rangers. “I’m just thinking about the (expletive)-beating that’s waiting for me at the plate. You’re excited. You don’t feel anything at the time.” Walking the batter in front of Ortiz used to be common practice. In fact, in 40 previous occasions in which the batter before him was intentionally walked, Ortiz had never homered. But then, Manny Ramirez hasn’t played for the Red Sox since the summer of 2008, and Ortiz remains the team’s biggest threat to win a game with one swing.