David Moyes intends to be far “more aggressive” as West Ham United manager even if that reduces the players to tears with the hard work he will demand of them. At his presentation at West Ham, Moyes portrayed the image of a manager who has learnt from bitter experience – most recently at Sunderland where he made a “poor choice in the club I chose” – and, importantly, one who is determined to grasp the opportunity. “I’m here and I am on a job, I am on a mission in my own head… I do have a point to prove. I do. Maybe I have to do that, and show it. Sometimes you have to repair things, and maybe I’ve got a little bit to repair,” Moyes said. The 54-year-old Scot explained: “I think I want to be more aggressive now. When I was younger it was ‘this is how it is, take it or leave it’. I think as you get older you mellow in different ways. Probably in this job, I am going back to being David Moyes at Preston when players were probably crying at the work or at Everton in the early days as well.” Moyes' predecessor Slaven Bilic stood accused of not working the players - and of their fitness statistics being among the lowest in the Premier League - and Moyes said: “Look, if the players were maybe thinking the work (at West Ham) had not been hard enough or they maybe had not done enough, okay, I hope they won’t cry if we turn them around and work them harder. I don’t want them to say ‘this is too much’. Somewhere along the line, responsibility has to be taken by the players.”