David Lee should not be playing, by normal standards. He has a torn hip flexor, which was supposed to keep him out of the playoffs. Instead, he has played in three games since the injury. And while it has only been for a tiny amount (11 total minutes vs. San Antonio, including almost eight in Game 4), he's still gutting it out. But, eventually, this thing is going to need fixing. It's admirable that Lee's playing on it and, presumably, he's not causing any further damage to himself by playing on it. Mark Jackson is largely using him as an emotional boost, as every appearance from Lee drives the Oracle crowd and the Warriors further emotionally. Jackson has shown in the playoffs that he's willing to do whatever it takes to provoke motivation, and it's worked beautifully so far. It's also unlikely that recovery from the surgery could take him all the way through the offseason and impact his season next year.