The Toronto Blue Jays remain on the shrinking list of teams linked to free agent slugger Edwin Encarnacion Standing still and waiting is rarely a good strategy. Thankfully for the Blue Jays, baseball is one area where that can work. With the Houston Astros signing Carlos Beltran and the New York Yankees signing Matt Holliday, the market of potential Edwin Encarnacion suitors is shrinking rapidly. Even if the Blue Jays’ interest in their long-time star rests at low-to-moderate, this is good news for those invested in his return. The Texas Rangers and Boston Red Sox remain logical fits, but with so many of the market’s top options remaining, even that can change. The signing of names like Dexter Fowler, Ian Desmond, Aroldis Chapman, and Kenley Jansen — even while having no positional overlap with Encarnacion — can also eliminate a team from the bidding based on budgets alone.