David Griffin isn’t in charge of the Cleveland Cavaliers anymore, though he’s agreed with a lot of what the team has done since he parted ways with the franchise this summer. He agreed that Kyrie Irving needed to go “quickly,” and he was happy with the return for Irving from the Celtics, calling it “tremendous” after the deal went down. He’s even said the team was in better shape than it was before he left as GM. Griffin spoke on Siriux XM NBA radio on Tuesday and admitted that if Irving had come to him with a trade request, he would have found a way to make a trade work. He also defended Irving and gave a pretty interesting explanation for why Irving wanted out in the first place. “Kyrie knows this and we’ve talked about this very clearly,” Griffin said. “If he had articulated to me that… he wanted to be traded, we’d have traded him.” This isn’t much of a surprise considering that Griffin has spoken publicly about the Irving trade at length. In his time away from the Cavs, he’s become somewhat of a pundit, but he also has more insight on Irving and the Cavs than perhaps anyone not still with the team. What’s interesting is that Griffin said his status, which was unknown before his contract was not renewed, impacted a lot of what the Cavaliers did or did not do in the days leading up to the draft.