Pittsburgh Pirates fans have suffered through a lot in recent months. The front office traded Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole, the club's biggest star and its best pitcher, and as of Friday has yet to sign a free agent to a big-league deal. As a result, the Pirates are not likely to contend this season -- and may not be competitive in 2019 either, save for unexpected developments. Something unexpected did happen Friday at Pirates camp -- something that might not make fans feel better about their chances, but will up their pulses. David Freese -- yes, that David Freese -- offered a prolonged commentary on the state of the Pirates, in which he vented about the organization's culture and failures over the past two seasons. There's much to parse through (click here for more of Freese's comments). Basically, Freese believes the Pirates have lacked a winning mindset as well as a state of urgency. Those criticisms will probably be charged to manager Clint Hurdle, though Freese did note the blame rests on everyone, himself included.