That’s what friends are for.

Coach David Fizdale, reacting to owner James Dolan raising the stakes on the Knicks’ free-agent chances, said his NBA confidants have told him he’s done a “big time’’ job setting the Knicks up for a summer of grandeur.

In taking a dig at the media for its negativity regarding the Knicks’ league-worst 13-55 record, Fizdale said he’s getting better “feedback” from those he trusts more.

“The beauty of it — as much as I love you guys — I try to have my baseline on people that are having to make decisions around the league when they look at our team,’’ Fizdale said after the Knicks practiced at a San Antonio church facility. “All of the feedback that we’ve gotten is young kids have gotten better, our guys compete their butts off. We set ourselves up big time for a great future and that’s what I’m listening to when I talk to my friends around the league and the feedback that I’m getting.”

Dolan sounded more than confident, too, that good things are headed the Knicks’ way with cap space to sign two maximum free agents. Kevin Durant and West Orange, N.J.’s Kyrie Irving are the likeliest candidates and Dolan said he’s got “players’’ and “representatives’’ telling the organization they want to come to New York.

That has put immense pressure on Knicks president Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry to execute the coup. And Fizdale, too, since he’ll be involved in all the free-agent soirees, he said.