Though no one candidate has emerged as his successor, it appears Dave Joyner's tenure as the Penn State athletics director is about to quietly conclude, roughly concurrent with that of the president with whom he arrived. Amid reports that Northwestern AD Jim Phillips has been targeted as at least one favorite to succeed Joyner, I've learned through several university sources that, while new PSU president Eric Barron has not decided on a successor, it's been decided that Joyner will not stay on and his departure will soon be announced, possibly by the end of this week. That, in itself, is something of a landmark moment for Penn State athletics. My texts and calls to Joyner today were not answered. But it's accurate to say that I've found him responsive and cordial throughout his very difficult stint as AD. Certainly, Joyner will be remembered as the man who ran the ship, for better or worse, through its most turbulent waters – in the 2½ years following the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal. His legacy will be attached to the hiring of two football coaches, one a consensus home run, the other an early fan favorite whose results are to be determined. For some inside the Penn State athletic offices, Joyner will represent an impersonal style and sometimes dictatorial method that could chafe. For others, he was the former All-American wrestler, the linear thinker, who simply made necessary decisions as he saw fit.