Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon responded Wednesday to the latest round of questions regarding the temperature of his head football coach's chair. He was asked about Brady Hoke, again, and he scoffed, again. He was asked about the direction of U-M football, again, and he was steadfast, again. Be it fully authentic or not, Brandon again stood behind Hoke on Wednesday, saying any questions surrounding the coach's job security are "nonsense." "That's websites and that's bloggers and that's social media and that's all part of the game that's played out there -- let's stir up controversy," Brandon said during an afternoon radio interview with Detroit Sports 105.1 FM. "This happens every year. I can't do very much about that, other than (say), that's nonsense. "Brady and his staff are building something very important here. I believe strongly we're moving in the right direction and I'm looking forward to a great a season coming up. All this hot seat stuff, to me, is just nonsense. I don't pay any attention to it." That doesn't mean the Michigan fan base doesn't pay vast attention to it. "And I respect that," Brandon said. Whether Brandon pays attention or not, the hot seat talk has stirred around the program all off-season. Just on Tuesday, Sports Illustrated featured Hoke among 10 coaches tethered to a short leash.