We should all be so lucky as to have a friendship like Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers have forged over their years together with the Green Bay Packers.

During his post-practice interview on Tuesday, Adams got a little passionate while talking about his friend and star quarterback and let slip an on-camera F-bomb that illustrated perfectly where he stands on Rodgers’ ongoing standoff with the Packers.

“People that know him well know he loves it when you have his back. That’s how I am naturally, so it’s not forced, but I’ve got his back through everything so he knows at the end of the day, if there’s ever a wonder (if) he’s lost a teammate because of all that’s come out, he knows where I stand. I’ll stand on the f***ing … excuse me, I’ll stand on the mountain and scream on the mountain top that I got his back,” Adams said, smirking when he slipped up.

“It’s not like I’m saying forget the front office, like I don’t respect what they got going on,” Adams added. “I’m just saying I’ll back my guy up. He hasn’t beat any women, he didn’t do anything crazy. He just feels a certain type of way right now and sometimes that’s when people need their teammates and people around them most. Even if I did feel like someone didn’t like that I did that, it wouldn’t change anything about me because I am who I am and I stand for what I stand for.”

Adams was on fire with his answers to Tuesday’s reporter questions. While it might have been easier for him to shut down to basic, uniform answers as head coach Matt LaFleur has started doing when asked about Rodgers, the All-Pro wide receiver stuck a nice balance between being a good friend and a distinguished professional.