If any team knows how to overcome a bad start to the season, it is the one with Aaron Rodgers under center. 

After all, the Green Bay Packers quarterback famously said, "Five letters here just for everybody out there in Packer-land: R-E-L-A-X," after the team's 1-2 start during the 2014 campaign. All that happened the rest of the way was an MVP for Rodgers, a 12-4 final record and an appearance in the NFC Championship Game.

That was Davante Adams' rookie season, and the wide receiver revealed that mindset has not gone away in Green Bay.

"The relax thing, that started my first year here," Adams told Bleacher Report. "That's kind of the mindset we live by, especially now with 17 games. It's a long season, so it's not something that anybody is going to let shake them. At this point, it's all about responding and coming back this next week."

The Packers will need to respond if they are going to challenge for another playoff spot, because the 38-3 loss to the New Orleans Saints in Week 1 was a stunning result.

Everything seemed to be building toward a straightforward win for Green Bay. The game wasn't even played in the Caesars Superdome where Saints fans make life so difficult on opponents and was instead moved to Jacksonville because of Hurricane Ida. That meant there were tons of Packers fans in attendance, and the Saints didn't have an injured Michael Thomas or a retired Drew Brees.