The Los Angeles Lakers hit their absolute rock bottom when they slumped to 11th place finish unable to find a place even in the play-in tournament. While their off-season moves of trading for superstar Russell Westbrook looked like a gamble worth taking, it certainly blew up in their face.

Westbrook struggled to find his place on the team. He did play some games with LeBron James, but the two never looked like a cohesive unit which did not do the Lakers any favors. Given how he struggled to fit in, Westbrook's number took a drastic fall with the Purple and Gold as well. After the season officially ended, Lakers fans were understandably distraught and Westbrook suddenly became public enemy number 1 for the fans.

While many disappointed fans are calling for the Lakers to trade the 2017 MVP, new head coach Darvin Ham might have some ideas for the 33-year-old on the team. In a recent appearance at the Dan Patrick Show, Ham explained the plans he wants to implement on the team and how he plans to use his three superstars.

“I think the style of play we’re going to have, all of those guys, not only just Russ but LeBron, AD, they’re going to be able to share the load. One thing I mentioned to Russ is the way I’m built, the success I’ve seen, especially most recently in the last nine years and the last four years being with Coach Bud in Milwaukee…one thing we always preached and will continue to preach to be our foundation of our team is a defensive mindset."