All that free agency business sure can make it easy to forget about the draft, and that was absolutely the case this past week with the Jets, who made just a few moves to upgrade a roster that won only four games in 2014. Free agency isn't done, of course. The week ahead promises more of the mid- and low-level signings to help teams add depth, if not maybe a player or two who could have an impact after being overlooked by other teams, or were just not able to reach an agreement during free agency's first wave. But the draft is still—*checks calendar*—some six weeks away, and the Jets still have the No. 6 overall pick. But while the rest of the NFL world was focused on free agency this past week, the following individuals remained hard at work on their mock drafts. We've broken out what they had to say about the Jets. Oh, right: Mock drafts are total guesswork, in case you weren't aware. But, man, people love 'em, which is why we keep doin' em. Now, then. On with the show: Chris Burke, Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon Burke's take: "As for an explanation for why Mariota still warrants consideration here and at No. 1 overall, Greg Peshek's QB metrics breakdown on Mariota, Winston and Brent Hundley helps. Peshek charted every throw made last season by those three quarterbacks, uncovering a couple things that flow against some Mariota scouting reports. To wit: Mariota threw a higher percentage of his passes from 11-20 yards deep (33.4%) than did Winston (23.0%); he was more accurate from 11-20 yards (70.1%) and deeper (58.1%) than Winston (60.0% and 46.9%, respectively); and hit more passes than his likely Round 1 counterpart when pressured (67.7% to 57.7%)."