If Rex Ryan takes attendance Monday when the Jets open their offseason workout program, he might be surprised by the show of hands. “Revis?” Ryan says. “Present,” Darrelle Revis answers. “What are you doing here?” Ryan says. “Your new boss John Idzik, who I never met until today, was going to take away $3 million in bonuses if I didn’t show up, even though he’s desperately trying to trade me, his very best player,” Revis answers. “Tebow?” Ryan says. “Present, sir,” Tim Tebow answers. “What are you doing here?” Ryan says. “You tell me, sir,” Tebow answers. It’s a new year but the circus tents have yet to leave Florham Park. Idzik, the rookie general manager, may have cleared out the roster of underachieving, overpaid players — an exhausting project — but he must also eliminate the dysfunction that has ruined the last two seasons. Revis and Tebow, the Jets’ highest profile players, will likely be ex-Jets before much longer, but they still will be the headliners and a major distraction at the offseason program.