The Bucs have one less headache on defense heading into the 2013 season. Charges against third-year defensive end Da’Quan Bowers have been dropped in his gun-possession case in New York, with the projected starting left end tagged with only a disorderly conduct violation in a deal with Queens prosecutors. Bowers will avoid jail time and any significant penalties with today’s developments. The news was revealed by Bowers’ attorney, Dennis Coppin, who appeared with Bowers in Queens County court this morning. Bowers was responsible for paying only a $250 fine and court costs of $125, which he already has addressed. Bowers will have no criminal record, Coppin said. In New York, a “violation” is not treated criminally, making it tantamount to a speeding ticket, according to the attorney. Coppin said Bowers’ taking the gun into LaGuardia Airport in February was an honest mistake resulting from his ignorance of New York’s stringent gun laws. The gun was legally purchased and owned in Florida, Coppin said, and had been unintentionally brought into the city in checked luggage when Bowers and his girlfriend arrived days earlier. “The D.A.’s office did a full and fair investigation,” Coppin said in a phone interview. “. . . (Bowers) had no intent whatsoever. He gave the firearm to the first TSA officer he saw. It was a total mistake and the prosecution, thankfully, saw that.”